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Slow for Long Bouts and Fast for Short Ones (Conditioning) Remember Adam Sandler as Billy Madison? I checked in with Angela, an amazing barber who tames whatever mane remains atop my head, and apparently shampoo and conditioner work better interdependently than they do alone! Imagine that, it’s not an either/or scenario. Well, neither is “cardio”,…

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Around. Over. Through.

Preparing for, and Overcoming Obstacles Why do we fail?  We have created a rock solid plan.  We have identified our “why”.  We are motivated to do the daily work.  We understand and have accepted it won’t be easy.  We also understand there are no guarantees.  We are betting on ourselves; we’re all in!!!!!!  Until we’re…

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Move. Intently and Intensely

Move intently and intensely is all you need to do to get stronger when starting from damn near scratch. The first post of this series suggested purposely incorporating seven primary movement patterns into your training regimen: Squat; Hinge; Lunge; Push; Pull; Rotate; Locomote; Purposely moving a variety of ways with a high degree of consistency…

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Steps to Prep Mental Strength Training

In the first series of our New Year’s blog, our Director of Education, Nate Palin and I shared some thoughts and information on where we believe people should get started on their fitness and mental strength journey.  We are well aware that many of you are not new to the fitness space and many of…

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Move. Your. Self.

Tackling a New Year’s fitness resolution can be a daunting undertaking; hence why fitness professionals are optimistic about business prospects as Holidays blur by and January approaches. Considering how difficult it is to choose where to begin with blogging advice to those embarking on their upcoming health, wellness, or performance journeys, it must be even…

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