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“The best part of my job is watching the transformation that unfolds in the minds and bodies of the people that come here as the program goes from start to finish. It’s a very powerful thing to witness.”

Tim Green

Army / Volunteer Instructor

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Fitops Family

Your introduction to the FitOps Family begins while you are living, training, learning, and growing with your fellow veterans on camp. Your success and redefined purpose will shine brighter than ever before when you return back home.

FitOps graduation is not the end of anything; it is the beginning of a new life, filled with the knowledge, skills, and purpose you honed during your experience on camp. For many, arriving back at home is both exciting and intimidating.

How will I navigate similar situations in new and more productive ways? Where do I go for help? How can I stay connected to my FitOps Family? What do I do now?

While on camp, our Director of Aftercare will begin the process of continued connection with all of your classmates, and the FitOps graduates who have come before you. You will leave with specific opportunities to stay connected with your classmates through weekly conferencing. You will be assisted with mental health support, coaching, continued guidance, and regular communication. You will have access to other FitOps graduates near your city and town; all of whom can relate to your military service as well as your FitOps experience.

FitOps support will remain a constant in the lives of our graduates; as they pursue greatness in fitness and life.


Pushing Your Limits