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Alumni Support

“My experience at FitOps, and my work with our students, has changed my life. These men and women are our nation’s greatest assets. It is my role as a member of the FitOps family to empower our students - to solidify their passion for fitness and their purpose in helping others. They are the same elite warriors they were in uniform, but their mission has now changed. I am honored to be of service to them.”

John Martin, M. Ed

our commitment

The journey of our graduates does not end when they leave our partnered programs, which means that our work does not end when their time at those programs has ended.  

Our work extends through to the lifetime of every single one of our graduates.  The Aftercare Team works to provide counseling on career and personal growth.  Our FITOPS family continues to grow and our graduates remain a part of our family forever.

The commitment that we have made to serve those who have served us after their time in uniform is of the utmost importance to our organization.  It is our duty to provide support as an organization and a community to the servant-leaders of this country.  

The transition from active-duty service to civilian can be jarring, extremely stressful, and lonely.  The success of our graduate community is dependent on the connection that they make in our programs, and the support that they receive when they leave them.  

Our Aftercare & Support Program starts in the application process and continues for our graduates entire life.  We have countless stories of graduates enduring dark-times and calling on FITOPS to help as a source of light and hope.


Aftercare & Support

How we support

Our Aftercare Team works 24/7, going above and beyond for our community, taking their responsibility and promise to graduates extremely seriously.  Some of the ways that we support our graduates include the following: 


  • Real-Time Mobilization 
  • Therapy Support 
  • Counseling 
  • Personal-Development Coaching
  • Professional Development
  • Group Discussions
  • Speaker Series
  • Direct Clinical Care
  • Recovery Facility Placement
FitOps Family

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