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"The World Makes a way for the man
who knows where he is going."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Members of the FitOps Foundation's Alumni Network must graduate from the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course available through the University of Health and Performance at Camp FitOps. Upon completion, each graduate will be awarded the title of Fitness Operative and gain access to the FitOps Alumni network and Aftercare programs. 

Dates of Upcoming Classes

TermApplication DeadlineInterview DatesPre-Studying (Required)Class StartGraduationClass End
Winter 2017CompletedCompletedCompleted12/16Completed01/17
Spring 2017CompletedCompletedCompleted03/17Completed03/17
Fall 2017CompletedCompletedCompleted11/6Completed11/27
Winter 2018CompletedCompletedCompleted1/16Completed2/8
Spring 2018CompletedCompletedCompleted5/1Completed5/23
Fall 2018CompletedCompletedCompleted10/21Completed11/13
Spring 201903/1504/0304/1505/0105/1505/16
Fall 2019OpenOpenOpenFall 2019Fall 2019Fall 2019


To become a part of the FitOps Alumni network, please visit the University of Health and Performance at Camp FitOps' website and apply today!


We look forward to welcoming you as an Alumni in the future!