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"The World Makes a way for the man
who knows where he is going."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Participants must be available to be on-site at Camp FitOps for full-time training. Airfare and expenses getting to/from camp are factored into the total expense breakdown of the program. Please note the important dates and deadlines for upcoming classes:

Dates of Upcoming Classes

TermApplication DeadlineInterview DatesPre-Studying (Required)Class StartGraduationClass End
Winter 2017CompletedCompletedCompleted12/16Completed01/17
Spring 2017CompletedCompletedCompleted03/17Completed03/17
Fall 2017CompletedCompletedCompleted11/6Completed11/27
Winter 2018CompletedCompletedCompleted1/16Completed2/8
Spring 2018CompletedCompletedCompleted5/1Completed5/23
Fall 2018CompletedCompletedCompleted10/21Completed11/13
Spring 201903/1504/0304/1505/0105/1505/16
Fall 2019OpenOpenOpenFall 2019Fall 2019Fall 2019

Apply Now

Please have the following ready for upload prior to starting this application:

  • A photo you would like shared with future employers
  • DD214 (Member 4 or Service 2) or current Orders if AD/Reserve

Please redact Social Security number from any documents. We do not need that.