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Do The Work!

“No Fancy Quotes or Hashtags Needed” The FitOps Foundation is focusing our mental health efforts in the month of May on the “WORK”.  There are millions of blogs, articles, and other forms of media at our disposal that outline the supposed recipe for success and joy.  All of these share similar messages around the importance…

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Are the values that define us creating a leader worth following? At the core of every human lies some set of values. In some cases, it takes a lifetime of experiences for one’s personal ethos to form. In the case of a veteran, it takes 10 weeks.  A young man or woman steps off a…

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New Mission

Matthew Moyer, TSAC-F Life in the military was easy, there was usually a clear objective; there was always a mission or a mission to prepare for. Then we transition out of the military and things get muddy, where is the mission? You need to create your own mission and find your new purpose. We were…

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Start with small, deliberate, correct actions. We all want more; and we want it yesterday.  It doesn’t make us greedy or selfish, or even bad people.  To a large degree this need for immediate consumption and gratification comes from societal lessons and messaging that has been shoved down our throat since we’ve been kids.  The…

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Around. Over. Through.

Preparing for, and Overcoming Obstacles Why do we fail?  We have created a rock solid plan.  We have identified our “why”.  We are motivated to do the daily work.  We understand and have accepted it won’t be easy.  We also understand there are no guarantees.  We are betting on ourselves; we’re all in!!!!!!  Until we’re…

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