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By Michael Hill Simple to Complex is a phrase used by many professionals to map out the evolutionary process of a multitude of experiences. Much like the Yin and Yang concept of dualism, Simple and Complex are both interchangeable and work in coordination with and within each other. Therefore one could state expressions such as,…

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The “Perfect” Diet

Your answer to what is the perfect diet. Yep.  You read that right.  In this article I am going to give you the answer to which of all the diets that you have tried, heard about, or thought about trying, is the best diet.  I’ve come to this conclusion after reading and studying many articles,…

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From Your Training and Your Life. Original title that didn’t quite make the cut: MOVE. Yourself, Real Foods to Your Face, and Your Ass to Bed at a Reasonable Hour… If you’ve been reading January’s corresponding blogs by Johnny Martin, Director of Aftercare for FitOps, then you should understand by now that personal development is…

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Slow for Long Bouts and Fast for Short Ones (Conditioning) Remember Adam Sandler as Billy Madison? I checked in with Angela, an amazing barber who tames whatever mane remains atop my head, and apparently shampoo and conditioner work better interdependently than they do alone! Imagine that, it’s not an either/or scenario. Well, neither is “cardio”,…

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Move. Your. Self.

Tackling a New Year’s fitness resolution can be a daunting undertaking; hence why fitness professionals are optimistic about business prospects as Holidays blur by and January approaches. Considering how difficult it is to choose where to begin with blogging advice to those embarking on their upcoming health, wellness, or performance journeys, it must be even…

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