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New Mission

Matthew Moyer, TSAC-F Life in the military was easy, there was usually a clear objective; there was always a mission or a mission to prepare for. Then we transition out of the military and things get muddy, where is the mission? You need to create your own mission and find your new purpose. We were…

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3 Badass Ways to Start Meditating Now

I know you are thinking “meditation?” isn’t that just like, “sitting still” or “doing nothing”.  When you hear the word meditation you may think of some older guy in an orange robe sitting cross-legged making strange humming noises.  As a veteran who has probably been through some tough challenges or seen some things that no…

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Start with small, deliberate, correct actions. We all want more; and we want it yesterday.  It doesn’t make us greedy or selfish, or even bad people.  To a large degree this need for immediate consumption and gratification comes from societal lessons and messaging that has been shoved down our throat since we’ve been kids.  The…

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By Michael Hill Simple to Complex is a phrase used by many professionals to map out the evolutionary process of a multitude of experiences. Much like the Yin and Yang concept of dualism, Simple and Complex are both interchangeable and work in coordination with and within each other. Therefore one could state expressions such as,…

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The Answer is “NO”

The most powerful two letter word on the planet to fuel your growth Johnny Martin, M.Ed, Director of Aftercare, FitOps Foundation The fact that we can learn from failure is undeniable.  We can point to lessons from our own lives, work, relationships, and societal stories.  Where many of us, myself included fall short; is HOW…

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