• -22 Veterans a day commit suicide
  • -Since 2008, more Veterans have committed suicide than died in the Vietnam war.
  • -Nearly 20% of Veterans suffer from a form of clinically diagnosed PTSD
  • -The national suicide rate for Veterans grows by 2% every year
  • -FitOps graduates have created a 0% suicide rate amongst the program
  • -1500 Veterans wait in our queue to attend our program
  • -In our current structure, we can only support 200 Veterans a year. We need your help!
  • -It only costs $2500 to save the life of a Veteran and give them purpose again!

FitOps provides training and job placement for veterans who are looking to fitness as their next career step. This work is not possible without the generous support and partnership of individuals and companies.

Our program costs $3,000 to put one veteran through (travel, training, lodging and food) our twelve week training, including our full-time three week program.

The 12-week FitOps curriculum includes:

  • 9 weeks of online pre-studying to give you the basics of anatomy and exercise physiology
  • 3 weeks of in-person training (think of it as a fitness-focused deployment) at one of our camp locations
  • Nationally renowned guest speakers who volunteer their time to present at FitOps to elevate your knowledge to be one of best personal trainers in the industry
  • Pre-graduation interviews with gym executives and leaders in the fitness industry to fast-track job placement
  • Job placement assistance before you even get home
  • Plus, a lifetime of professional support, continuing education and personal networking; what we call the FitOps Family
  • Also, the opportunity to come back to Camp FitOps as a paid staff member to help instruct and mentor future CVFOs


Please consider a financial gift to help increase the numbers of veterans whose lives are being transformed by FitOps.


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