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Responsibility through Accountability

Not a new ground breaking revelation of life here.  Just a daily reminder that as we mature in life our responsibilities grow and so we need to be accountable for them.  That’s a great statement to live by and absolutely true.  I also think it’s a natural evolution for most based on upbringing and general observation of life.  My children demonstrate that for me each day.  They also show me that you can hold multiple people to the same standards and some will thrive because of their drive and others will still attempt to deflect their life responsibilities.  What I’m talking about this very moment though has nothing to do with this.  I’m talking about our responsibility to be the best version of us, to live with purpose, with a passion to succeed, and held accountable for that.  This is not an easy task by any means.  It’s not easy because it’s not mandated to by this statement.  Hell for some they will argue that you don’t need to live this way to be successful.  Ahhh but yes success and what does that mean.  Is it the money, the cars, nice clothes, and great house?  Or is success living on purpose and happiness?  We all will have to decide this at different points in life and these decisions will send us down different pathways based on the decisions we make and what we pursue.

What I ask of you is that as you walk through life making these decisions observe why you’re still making them.  If you are still making big decisions that are altering paths then I would tend to say that you are still pursuing pathways to find happiness.  I’m here to tell you that you are on a search that will continue to circle back to where you are right now, not living your purpose.  Not living a life led by your gifts, talents, and passions but a life led by financial, social, and overall status decisions is a life that continues to search.  You have been created to be you.  A person with a set of talents and gifts that have a place in society for them be utilized to their fullest.  You are incredible at what you do and the world needs this version of YOU.  You need this version of you.

How do you find this version of you?  You find it through accountability of operating life this way.  You mind it by being vulnerable with yourself first and your mentor/coach next.  You find it by being honest with you and everyone around you.  You find it inside you.  You stop listening to the conversations being had inside and you start leading the conversations inside.  You find it by being you.

I encourage you to find the one that you can be vulnerable with and walk this journey with.  It may be a person, it may be a group.  It may be a group of people.  You need the accountability in life to find the real you.  This accountability just like children will hold you true to responsibility and in turn it will be you who is holding others accountable for the same thing.  The pursuit of purpose.

Jason Clark was born in 1983.  He grew up in Northern Virginia.  His childhood was spent playing every sport he could.  Upon completion of High School he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  His time in the Marine Corps was well spent doing as much as possible during his two enlistments.  He served time with combat engineers, Marine Corps Martial Arts program, and as a Drill Instructor.  As his time came to end he transitioned into the role as a personal trainer.  From this position he enrolled back in school at Liberty University in counselling and psychology.  During his time in this role he was able to give back to many communities as a guest/motivational speaker.  He highlighted the importance of living out your purpose.  After almost a decade as a personal trainer and speaker he made the move back to the Marine Corps this time as a strength coach.  Being part of the grass roots time as a strength coach allowed him to travel and teach and help bring to the culture of fitness within the Corps.  His time came to end as he realized that with tactical strength we have some great people, great programs, great thoughts, just enough space and equipment for it to be successful. This led him to the role of human performance solutions with BeaverFit. He’s married to his wife Christi and they have five children.