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Start. By. Starting.

In fitness, as in life, there is no secret recipe.  I could discuss the mounds of information out there regarding motivation, inspiration, grit, etc. etc.  As you know, all of these resources CAN be great, if applied.  Applied not once in a while, when we feel like it, or on the days we are feeling extra motivated.  These principles have to be applied everyday.  Who the hell has time for that?  The 5 minute YouTube clip on motivation may fire you up today; but how about tomorrow when your “to do” list, and legitimate responsibilities are far greater than your personal growth and development?

Our Mental Strength,  our ability to look inward and GET IT DONE, doesn’t come from videos, speeches, songs, or books; not over the long term anyway. These resources are helpful and should be accessed to support our Daily Work. (note: I will provide a few of these resources at the end of each blog) Our Mental Strength comes from our willingness to do the little things everyday, despite everything else going on around us.  They are not “if I get a chance” or “if I have time”  or “if I’m motivated”  items.  So, how do we start?  Simply, we:  Start. By. Starting.  We START not by adding a million things to our list, we START small, we START smart, and we START now!!!!!!

START small

Before we get into the New Year and kick 2021’s ass EVERYDAY, not once in a while; we have to figure out what it is we TRULY want out of our lives.  Great ideas are, well, Great; only when they’re executed from start to finish.  That doesn’t happen very often.  Why? Because we dream big and forget that there is a shitload of work to do everyday by doing the little things.  So, let’s start there.  In order to figure out what we want, we have to identify what we don’t.  Anything that stands in the way of our development, is IN THE WAY, and that’s what we remove first.

Start small and start by answering these questions, with 100% Emotional Honesty. Grab an empty notebook or Journal, open it up, Date it today, and start keeping track of your journey!

1. What is ONE and only ONE area of my Mental Strength that I’d like to improve upon right now?

2. Why?

3. What is ONE obstacle that has stood in my way in the past?


So, you’ve identified ONE area of your life that you want to improve upon, Great!!!!  You’ve started.  Let’s not let the obstacles of the past stand in your way today.  Just Today!!!! Don’t think too far ahead as we have to successfully accomplish what’s in front of us first.  That’s where most of us fail.  Forward thinking and projection is great; but it is not great ALL the time.  For now, be where your feet are and handle your current business first.  My Mental Strength work comes every morning, that is the time that works best for me.  Starting SMART is a simple, measurable way to gauge our progress.  How?

1. Take a look at your answers above.

2. Identify that obstacle that has stood in your way the most.

3. Specifically articulate how you will remove that obstacle TODAY. This is where you’ll be emotionally tested. Can you say NO to that person, place, or thing that you KNOW is slowing you down? What if that person is YOU?

No matter who that person is, even if that person is you, a small, smart change must occur.  Again, don’t look too far ahead; just focus on the work you’re doing right now, in this moment.  How can you make today’s obstacle more manageable?


If nothing changes; nothing changes.  You’ve identified the area that needs improvement.  You’ve articulated the obstacle.  You have chosen a plan of action.  Now START!  There is NO guarantee this will work.  There is a 100% guarantee this will NOT work if you don’t START.  The beauty of our Daily Work is that over time you will begin to understand yourself better than you ever have before. Somedays the recipe will taste delicious.  Other days, you’ll have overcooked the whole damn meal.  In both cases, you have learned something new.  What works, repeat.  What doesn’t, discard.  Before long you will have a “cookbook” of knowledge that you have never had before, and one that you have created by doing the little things, EVERY DAMN DAY.

Quick Resources

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