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Support America’s Heroes

  • 22 veterans a day commit suicide

  • Since 2008 more veterans have committed suicide
    than died in the Vietnam war

  • Nearly 20% of veterans suffer from a form of
    clinically diagnosed PTSD


We envision a world where veterans thrive. 

We envision a world where veterans never feel alone, nor question whether or not they have a community of like-minded individuals that they can turn to.

As fitness, health, and wellness leaders in our communities, we are empowered to pay it forward and serve again through training, education, and opportunity.

By The Numbers


0% suicide rate amongst FitOps graduates.


96% of veterans who enroll inFitOps go on to become successful CVFOs.


72% of FitOps grads now work in the Fitness industry as coaches, trainers or fitpros.


There are 1200 veterans waiting to join FitOps.


With our current funding, just 25% of veterans waiting to join our program can be accepted.

"What FitOps has done for me is it has saved my life... Once FitOps got me, they never let go.” -Bobby Somers, Iraq Veteran, FitOps Graduate, CVFO

Should you wish to mail your donation via check please send to:

FitOps Foundation
307 S Main Street
Ste 102
Bentonville, AR 72712