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Do The Work!

“No Fancy Quotes or Hashtags Needed” The FitOps Foundation is focusing our mental health efforts in the month of May on the “WORK”.  There are millions of blogs, articles, and other forms of media at our disposal that outline the supposed recipe for success and joy.  All of these share similar messages around the importance…

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The Answer is “NO”

The most powerful two letter word on the planet to fuel your growth Johnny Martin, M.Ed, Director of Aftercare, FitOps Foundation The fact that we can learn from failure is undeniable.  We can point to lessons from our own lives, work, relationships, and societal stories.  Where many of us, myself included fall short; is HOW…

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Creating the “Snowball Effect”

Keeping the New Year Momentum Moving in the Right Direction Johnny Martin, M.Ed, Director of Support/Aftercare The old saying, “you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse, there is no in between” is a great daily affirmation and reminder to self that there is only one direction to move.  FORWARD.  Although life requires us to…

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Responsibility through Accountability

Not a new ground breaking revelation of life here.  Just a daily reminder that as we mature in life our responsibilities grow and so we need to be accountable for them.  That’s a great statement to live by and absolutely true.  I also think it’s a natural evolution for most based on upbringing and general…

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Utilizing the RIGHT Resources to Fuel your Development “Everyone wants to see you do well, but never better than them.” Is this the right advice from a man who spends his life working to empower others?  I believe it is; if viewed from the appropriate perspective.  As I noted in earlier blogs, there will be…

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