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The FitOps Story

FitOps Foundation was founded by Matt Hesse, the CEO of Performix and an Army veteran. Through his professional life, he has built brands that put customers at the center, where they are surrounded by innovation to become their best selves. FitOps is the philanthropic extension of that work, focused on helping his fellow veterans find stability, success and community in the fitness industry.

We help veterans who are passionate about health and wellness to find success after the military in the fitness industry. The goal is not just to help veterans to get certified as personal trainers, but to create a path for our servicemen and women to use their leadership skills to help improve the lives of others. For this reason our program focuses on QUALIFICATION not simply CERTIFICATION as professionals in the fitness industry.

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Our partners help make FitOps improve the lives of our veterans. The program wouldn't be the same without them. Aside from our main sponsor, Performix, we have partnered with GNC as well as a number of small businesses to ensure that FitOps stays a free program for veterans.

At the bottom of this page are businesses and organizations that we are proud to say have sponsored a veteran to attend FitOps.


Proud Sponsors of veterans