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The Mission - 01

Why We Operate

The core mission of FitOps is to improve the physical and mental health of veterans by creating purpose and community through the power of fitness. We believe that fitness is transformative to every aspect of our lives, and that a community that encourages a mindset and lifestyle of physical, mental, and emotional health is the way to help veterans achieve greatness in life after they serve.  

We don’t believe that any service member starts from scratch professionally when they enter civilian life--in fact, quite the opposite. FitOps is specifically designed to build on the fitness and leadership experience that veterans gained during their time in the service. The result is Certified Veteran Fitness Operatives (CVFOs), who guide themselves, their clients, and their community down a path toward being their personal best in fitness and in life.


The Mission - 02

“I thought this was it, this is as far as I can go, but it’s not - FitOps helped me realize my potential.”

The Most important set in life is your mindset.” - Bobby Somers

Army veteran / 2 tours / Afghanistan

Bobby Quote

Pushing Your Limits