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Certification vs Qualification (1)

our promise


Members of the FitOps community are alumni of fully vetted and partnered educational programs across the United States and each graduate has access to follow-on programs and opportunities for continued education through continued involvement with our program.  We provide scholarships for qualified veteran applicants that are in need of renewed purpose and a new opportunities after they take their uniforms off.


The path to success is paved through action and knowledge.  At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual health of our community, which includes the pursuit of education. 



Proving our purpose

In partnership with universities and research teams, we work to prove that the philosophy of physical, intellectual, emotional health paired with a purpose-driven life, reduces health care costs associated to veterans, and ultimately reduces the incident of suicide. 


We use this data, established through our studies and hundreds of testimonials, to champion change in our societies approach to Veteran support and mental healthcare.


Going Forward