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Certification vs Qualification (1)

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Certification vs.

The goal of FitOps is to help veterans who are passionate about fitness, health, and wellness to find success after the military.  We are not here just to help veterans to get certified as personal trainers — we are creating a path for our servicemen and women to use their leadership skills to help improve their lives and the lives of others. For this reason our program focuses on QUALIFICATION not simply CERTIFICATION as professionals in the fitness industry.

FitOps is rigorous.  FitOps will push your mental, emotional, and physical boundaries. Applicants must demonstrate a passion for fitness and capacity for leadership, completing the application process and a series of interviews. 

Classroom time seamlessly integrates hands-on practice in the gym. After three weeks of instruction from industry experts in anatomy, exercise physiology, and nutrition, our veterans graduate not just certified as personal trainers, but qualified to begin transforming their clients on day-one.

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The program includes a 12 week Online, Pre-Study Program that is to be executed before arriving at our 3 week training camp.  We set the tone early that even though FitOps opens the door, each veteran is responsible for their own path and success. FitOps surrounds each veteran with the tools to do that.

For three weeks our veterans attack the curriculum in an instruction style that blends both the classroom and the gym in each lesson. Classroom time seamlessly integrates into hands-on practice in the gym. The first week of camp is curriculum instruction from industry experts. The second week, our veterans learn the business side of personal training, covering topics like business development, marketing, and converting clients. The last week our veterans apply the knowledge they learned in practical settings, conducting mock interviews with potential employers, conducting client intake and assessments with mock clients, as well as writing programs and taking their CPT exam.

The final day of camp is graduation, where our veterans come out not just as certified personal trainers, but qualified and experienced to begin transforming their clients on day one.


Every morning we run through intense PT sessions as a group.  Our evenings are spent sharing our individual stories and practicing bravery and developing connections through vulnerability. 


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