Your next mission
is FitOps

Helping veterans achieve greatness
in fitness and in life


Veteran Enabled

The Fitness Operatives mission is a training and certification program for veterans who want to become elite personal trainers. The on-site program concludes with certification of fitness industry professionals--who are experts in exercise and in leadership--designated as Certified Veteran Fitness Operatives (CVFO).



Overview - 01

Fitness Driven

The mission is for current of former U.S. Military service-members. You have to apply, interview and be selected for FitOps. We’re looking for veterans with a passion for fitness, a drive to achieve their best, and ready for this next chapters of their lives.

This program is well-suited for – but not limited to – individuals who may have struggled with substance abuse, PTSD, and difficulties in transitioning into civilian life. FitOps replaces alcohol, drugs and hopelessness with endorphins, community and professional success through a passion for fitness.

Overview - 02

Community Centric

Any service-members-–former or current—can participate. This program is for anyone seeking community, support and a new successful chapter of their lives as certified personal trainers in the fitness community.

Everyone deserves a chance to be their best in fitness and in life. Veterans in FitOps thrive through community, support, and renewed sense of purpose. CFVOs are selected and trained to constantly look for ways to add value--to themselves, their relationships, their clients and their communities. Clients benefit from the fitness and leadership experience that each CVFO acquired in the military and honed in FitOps.


Overview - 03

Certification vs. Qualification

Our academics and achievements are not handouts. You can only apply, interview and get accepted to FitOps--because you show the passion for fitness and capacity for leadership the program seeks to develop further. Classroom time seamlessly integrates hands-on practice in the gym. After three weeks of instruction from industry experts in anatomy, exercise physiology and nutrition, our veterans graduate, not just as certified personal trainers, but qualified and experienced to begin transforming their clients on day one.

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