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Your next mission
is FitOps

Find purpose through the power of fitness


Veteran Enabled

FitOps equips veterans who are passionate about fitness, health, and wellness to find success after the military. Using fitness and the leadership skills that they gained during their time in the service, veterans are equipped with a new mission: to help improve the lives of others. Focusing on professional and personal development, veterans who graduate from FitOps are experts in fitness coaching, and are awarded a fitness industry professional certification and designated as Certified Veteran Fitness Operatives (CVFO), which gives them the tools necessary to launch a career in fitness and leadership.

Fitness Driven

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Fitness Driven

FitOps was founded on the belief that fitness is transformative to every aspect of our lives. U.S. Military service members who show a passion for fitness and a capacity for leadership are given a framework to further develop those skills in the fitness industry. We use the power of purpose, fitness, and community to directly combat the difficulties in transitioning into civilian life for current or former service members.

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Participation in FitOps is available to all service members, both current and former.  This program is for anyone seeking community, support and a new successful chapter of their lives as certified personal trainers.  Veterans in FitOps thrive through community, support, and renewed sense of purpose. CFVOs are trained to constantly look for ways to add value to themselves, their relationships, their clients, and their communities.


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The FitOps program is the most well-rounded personal training certification available. Veterans must go through a rigorous three-part application process and interview before being accepted into the program. Applicants must display a passion for fitness, a drive to achieve their best, and be ready for this next chapter of their lives.

The program includes a 12 week Online, Pre-Study Program that is to be executed before arriving at our 3 week training camp. Classroom time seamlessly integrates into hands-on practice in the gym. The first week of camp is curriculum instruction from industry experts. The second week, our veterans learn the business side of personal training, covering topics like business development, marketing and converting clients. The final week of camp, our veterans apply the knowledge they learned in practical settings, conducting mock interviews with potential employers, conducting client intake and assessment drills with mock clients as well as writing programs and taking their CPT exam. The final day of camp is graduation, where our veterans come out not just as certified personal trainers, but qualified and experienced to begin transforming their clients on day one.

The FitOps experience and the newly graduated CVFO’s journey doesn’t stop when camp ends. Post-graduation, the CVFOs are welcomed into the FitOps Family and CVFO Network. This comprehensive aftercare program encourages growth and ensures that graduates have the tools necessary to continue, not only as individual trainers, but as a collective team of veterans.

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