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Find purpose through the power of fitness


Empowering veterans to discover renewed purpose

through the power of fitness and community.


We are a community of United States Military Veterans that has come together to provide life-changing experiences for our brothers and sisters in arms. We are bound by our service and believe that purpose through the power of fitness and community is the path to living a life of fulfillment and success.


EMPLOYMENT: 84% find employment within the first month of graduating our partnered programs.

SERVICE: Our community served in every branch of the United States military, averaging 8.8 years of service.

COMMUNITY: We are 17% female, 83% male, and 100% veterans. We are 18-57 years in age and are located in nearly every state in the United States of America. 

Fitness Driven

Testimonial - 01

-Randy Lloyd, Class 1

"FitOps provided me with an opportunity to gain a skill set to help others achieve their health and fitness goals, a sense of family and camaraderie that has been absent in my life since leaving the military and the belief that, as a veteran, I can still be a valued member of society."

Testimonial- 02

-Lulu Holland, Class 10

"I now have hope about my future. I found immediate ways to create income for myself through the experience FitOps gave me. It has also given me such a large support system spread across the entire country that I can reach out to when things get tough."


Testimonial- 03

-Mike Page, Class 10

"FitOps sent me to a 3-week program where I took a mental break from the real world at a campus in Arkansas. During this time we focused on team building and studying to become personal trainers. For some, this was learning a new skill. For others, this was an addition to their tool belt. The biggest take-away was that I had a new support system, that I consider my family. I personally can never forget the stories and friendships that were made."

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